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Neeraj Shahji

Founder and Managing Director

Neeraj has broad Business, Finance and accounting expertise from his more than 18 years spent at various multinational companies with international exposure in countries like US, Europe, India, Middle east and South Africa.

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Sadiq Khoyee

Business Development Manager

Sadiq Khoyee is a Business Development Manager/Client Relationship Manager/Canada Account Manager at Fincore. With a 3-year advanced diploma in Business Administration from Mohawk College, he excels at connecting businesses, accounting firms, and financial institutions with cost-effective financial services. Sadiq specializes in tailored outsourcing solutions to streamline operations and save costs. He is dedicated to delivering exceptional client service, providing innovative strategies, and driving growth. With deep industry knowledge, Sadiq builds strong relationships, delivers customized proposals, and offers valuable insights. Professional, knowledgeable, and insightful, Sadiq is a trusted partner for optimizing financial operations. Contact Sadiq at (289) 698-6693 to explore how Fincore's outsourcing services can benefit your organization's success.

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Joe Francis

Senior Executive Director

Joe brings with himself three decades of experience in Accounting and auditing services serving clients like government organizations, International financial Institutions and private companies across the globe, mainly in the European region. His expertise lies in Accounting, IFRS Reporting Tax and Audit. He is also a full-time member of Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

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Sachin Seth

Senior Executive Director

Sachin has around two decades of experience working with prominent companies in Middle Eastern countries like Dubai and India specializing in Accounting, MIS, Business intelligence reports, compliance,

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Nitin Shah

Chief IT Consultant

Nitin has 20 years of multi fold experience serving clients across the globe mainly in US and India .His key expertise lies in Website & Mobile Applications Development, Digital Marketing and Finance & Accounting Software Development.

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Michael Bautista

Chief Technology Partner

Michael's experience includes managing companies in web development, graphic design, market research, private equity and outsourcing. He currently runs a start-up developing decentralized software applications. He holds a B.S. in International Business Management from BYU-Hawaii.

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