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The changing Finance & Accounting

Today’s finance and accounting responsibilities go far beyond operational efficiency and cost containment. Fincore crafts business-building solutions, from transactions and technical accounting to complete transformations. We can help you implement business-critical accounting and finance initiatives while transferring knowledge to expand your in-house capabilities.

01. Planning & Strategy

Fincore provides Finance & Accounting services while gaining key insights and communicate financial results to business leaders and investors while providing data and analysis to plan for the Future.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Get expert support for day-to-day finance and accounting needs such as monthly closing, technical accounting, revenue management, inventory tracking and recognition, cost accounting, and account reconciliations and analysis. Financial services such as business plan, financial modelling, budgeting, forecasting. We can address specific areas of concern or provide resources for interim and backfill coverage.

New Solution
Blending Accounting
data with Data Visualization enabling
Value creation and Decision making

Analytics helps extract valuable insights from data and make better decisions. In this light, the role of the finance department is changing to help inform all business decisions, including those beyond the finance function. With analytics, the finance function no longer serves only as a ‘data keeper’ or provider of financial reporting. The move is away from transactions alone to the support of decision making, using both financial and non-financial information. As bookkeeping and financial statement preparation require less human intervention, there is a shift towards spending more time on management and less time on accountancy.

Some Reasons to Work

We Believe in Best Quality

We set our quality apart by making process easier for clients through regular communication, automation, and innovative techniques.

We Believe in Good Relation

We believe in developing long term relationship with our clients and provide them ongoing business solutions to help them sustain and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

We Believe in our Abilities

We have developed quick problem-solving and Strategic planning abilities which helped clients to quickly turnaround their problem areas and to focus more on critical aspects of the business.

Why Choose Us ?

Fincore’s financial acumen runs deep, from day-to-day operational support and process expertise to advanced capabilities such as automation and data analytics. Working with our global team of executive-level consultants, you have access to a wealth of expertise in all areas of finance and accounting, making it possible to transform operations, glean business insights, guide investment and add sustainable competitive advantages. We take the time to understand the challenges you face in today’s business environment as well as those on the horizon.



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We Provide Solutions
for Small and Medium Organizations

Our innovative business solutions in Accounting and Business consulting help businesses optimize their performance and build strong, successful businesses. If your busines is experiencing rapid growth or declining, we have a program designed specifically for you. Ask about our growth driver program if your ambition is to keep on growing.

What We Do ?

We take the first step toward transforming your finance and accounting unit by automating routine tasks, organizing for success and liberating your workforce to deliver meaningful business impact. Working closely with senior leadership and stakeholders, we help you drive cost efficiency and process effectiveness, while integrating proven technologies that provide visibility and insight to your business.