Significant cost advantages to SME’S by Outsourcing Finance & Accounting processes

Fincore Business consulting assessment of its clients resulted in below areas where they achieved significant cost advantages and scaled their business to new heights.


Across the world, companies of different sizes from different industries outsource entire or parts of finance and accounting processes to optimize costs, streamline their processes, and increase overall efficiency. In a recent survey, showed that outsourcing has taken off with small business, including bookkeeping, and that it has helped them efficiently improve their operations. As an SME, you can also benefit from outsourcing accounting for small business. Here are several problems that can be solved through finance and accounting outsourcing.

  • Instead of hiring a full-time accountant, who might be burdened with full responsibility and might possess risk of not committing to the deliverables.
  • The internal staff might not work to their full potential due to limited resources and constraints as they might be wearing different hats in the organization as a result compromising key reporting and deliverables.
  • Outsourcing Bookkeeping/Accounting process would be a boon to the organizations with limited staff and in process of expanding businesses, to enable them focus on key strategic problems and issues of the organization.
  • Get expert advice and strategic partnership from Outsource service providers, which will not only help to transform business processes and provide value addition and cost savings at each stage of the business processes but will gradually build up the capabilities of the organizations to latest tools and techniques used in the industry and best practices.
  • Now with the right digital accounting tools, all important functions such as managing supply chain, handling the invoicing and order processing from clients, managing payroll, keeping track of inventory, managing the bank account can be tracked and managed from one computer terminal. Cloud computing is accessible, streamlined and endlessly flexible, and has revolutionized the way we use and store data.
  • Fincore consultants have helped clients in their day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping functions, including transaction processing; accounts receivable; payroll functions; bank reconciliations; and compliance with Qatar regulations. The Fincore experts have helped management by,
  • Preparing monthly management reports on key performance indicators (KPIs), Handle planning and control cycle, cash flow forecast, and planning.
  • Manage credit and debtors control.
  • Assist with annual statutory accounts and reporting.
  • Preparing end to end monthly management reporting package with budget variance analysis, cashflow situation, forecasts and business valuation key parameters based on business knowledge and insights supported by business intelligence tools such as Tableau and power BI.

Fincore core capability lies in quality outsourcing of Finance and accounting functions different from traditional outsourcing, providing key value addition reports supported by Data Visualization reports for CEO/CFO/Senior management key strategic decision making.

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