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    Financial Services

    Every organization priority is to utilize funds correctly to ensure that fund’s usage is optimized as per the requirements. Even a single mistake in the management of funds can cost heavily. At Fincore, we take care of your finance and accounting needs. We help you advise in a manner that helps you in getting complete financial services solutions for your business. We Provide financial advisory services as well as help you in preparation of budgets for your business.

    “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

    – Pablo Picasso


    The simplest way to define cash flow is the movement of money in or out of the business during a pre-specified time. Maintaining and updating cash flows is crucial for the business to understand its liquidity as well as take sound financial decisions.


    We provide comprehensive financial modeling and analysis services, including financial analysis consulting and automated financial modeling. Our financial models can help you assess new business opportunities, raise capital, and analyze other crucial aspects related to investments. Business and financial modeling cannot be done by just about anyone and requires specialized skillsets and experience Our robustly designed financial models are a great tool to help decision-makers translate quantitative and qualitative information to accurately forecast financial outcomes for their businesses.


    Our financial consultant can help you in devising a private business plan for your organizations and the structure of the economic model for your business. Our consultant will work with you throughout the entire process of preparing and collating initial information to the final development of well laid out business plan for management decision making.


    We undertake accurate forecast of your budgets and forecasting your working capital needs. At fincore, we assist you in optimizing the cost of working capital and maintain efficient use of your resources.


    We help you in managing your credit and reducing the cost of credit. We can advise on Devising a credit structure for your business.


    Our team of expert consultants will help companies prepare budgeting, forecasting and analysis that support major corporate decisions of the CFO, CEO and the board of directors.
    Our expert professionals utilize both quantitative and qualitative analysis of all operational aspects of a company in order to evaluate the company’s progress toward achieving its goals and to map out future goals and plans. Our experts consider economic and business trends, review past company performance, and attempt to anticipate obstacles and potential problems, all with an eye toward forecasting a company’s future financial results.